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Vehicle Finance
To make it easy for potential customers to own Tata Motors vehicles, we ventured into vehicle financing way back in 1957.

Today, Tata Motor Finance (TMF), the in-house financing arm of Tata Motors, provides a single window service to customers by being accessible to them through the dealers.

TMF has partnered the growth of many single truck operators, who have evolved to the status of fleet owners. Besides catering to individuals, TMF offers specially designed finance products for fleet operators and institutions. Currently, TMF has crossed 2,00,000 live contracts, and is among the top vehicle financiers in the country.
We strive to ensure speedy processing of contracts which are either cleared directly by the dealers or are approved by their field staff. The contracts are usually finalized within 1 to 3 working days.

For further details on vehicle finance or financing options, please contact your nearest Tata Motors office, the dealer or write to us at: (