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The Tata Ace is no stranger to the Indian roads. The pioneering small commercial vehicle by Tata Motors has been one of its highest selling models, thanks to its affordability, high profitability, easy serviceability and low cost of maintenance. After a series of successful variants, Tata Motors is back with the Tata Ace HT Plus — designed on the promise of 6+ ka Waada, to give you zyaada!

More Power

With the Tata Ace HT Plus , you get a solid 2 cylinder 800 cc common rail engine to power across every terrain, with up to 26 kW or 35 HP @3750 rpm, and a top speed of 80 km/h for a better turnaround time as well as increase in trip frequency. This all adds up when it comes to your bottom line, ensuring you are profitable from the get-go.

More Pick-up

Better pick-up ensures faster acceleration that helps improve your delivery speed and the number of trips you take on, directly impacting your revenue. With the Tata Ace HT Plus specifications, you get the advantage of an increased pick-up of 85 NM @1750-2750 rpm, a high gradeability of 36% at rated Gross Vehicle Weight and a 5-speed gearbox. This means you can run your business smoothly, efficiently and at full capacity.

More Payload

While the Tata Ace has always offered a high payload for its category, this new model surpasses all others with a payload of 900 kgs, thanks to a new set of 155 R13 LT 8 PR radial tubeless tyres and expanded load body length of 8.2 feet. With its high load carrying ability, you can transport more goods with every journey and ensure maximum earnings too!

More Style & Comfort

Step into a world of enhanced style and comfort with the Tata Ace HT Plus cabin, with features like seats with headrests, improved steering wheel, more leg room, clear view instrument cluster, ergonomic gear shift level and knob as well as Swish dashboard with a bigger, lockable glove box. Adding to the driver’s ease, is the effortless pendant type accelerator, brake and clutch pedals.

More Profits

When you choose the Tata Ace HT Plus, you are choosing more success. It is built to help you take on increased loads and number of trips, so that you can earn to full potential. As a new business owner or experienced operator, this versatile mini truck is here to help you expand in all the right directions and take things to the next level.

For a host of applications, for a host of value adding benefits, for a one-time investment that’ll up your profits year on year, look no further than the new Tata Ace HT Plus.


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